Wednesday, September 24, 2014

what i'm loving wednesday

OMG yum. Although I bought fresh shrimp and had to peel and devein them... I don't know if I'll ever get the smell out of my nose. And the sauce that you put on them?!? I've been using it as salad dressing. So good. 

Carnival squash that I found at the farmers market. So pretty!

this multi-surface cleaner from the honest company. (although don't get it from amazon, holy crap i just saw the price! i got mine on sale last week at target!). this is my first honest company purchase and i LOVE it. powerful mist spray, great smell, and cleans well. i keep cleaning all the counters and tables because i love it so! (i'm not OCD at

can't.stop.watching. we started a netflix binge (well, as much of a netflix binge that two new parents with full time jobs can manage) and it is soooo good!

so what are you loving right now??

Saturday, September 20, 2014

seasons of life

isn't it funny how things change? as a runner i used to be so proud of myself when i'd think about my saturday mornings. i was usually up and had a double digit mile run under my belt before most people were out of bed, and i took pride in that. but maybe i should have just realized that some people have lives that are a little more demanding than mine were at that time. 

for instance, i'm calling this saturday morning a win. i've fed and changed the baby twice, fed myself breakfast, pumped three times, and showered. there was a moment when i thought about dragging myself to pure barre, but then my comfy bed called my name... and i'm okay with that right now. 

one thing that everly has taught me (among 1000 things) is to enjoy the moment. she's growing so fast and i'm trying really hard to tell myself that the dishes can wait, that dog hair won't kill us, it won't kill me if i don't go to pure barre 5 times a week, it'll all be alright. because honestly when it comes down to it, i'd rather get my exercise being outside in this beautiful fall weather pushing my sweet baby girl in her stroller. because she's not always going to enjoy that as much as she does right now, but while she does i'm going to soak it up!

hope you all have an amazing weekend!

first trip to the farmers market 9.19.14

Friday, September 19, 2014

everly 2 months

two pictures for two months...

i'm pretty sure i'm a mean momma for thinking the second one is hilarious. i can't even begin to tell you how much joy this little girl has brought into so many lives. we are so grateful to God for blessing us with her!

so big things during her second month of life:

  • she's becoming way more chatty. she'll babble on and on and i swear sometimes you'd think she was carrying on a conversation! especially in the evening when we ask her to tell us about her day ;)
  • she likes to be faced out to the world so she can look around, especially when she's outside.
  • she has really great head control for her age and has really strong legs. When she's in the bathtub she loves to kick her ducks (temperature control rubber ducks that we put in the bath with her) and splash! she also loves to 'go for walks' on her changing table. we ask her where she's running to, and say different places and she just kicks those legs!
  • she loves to be read to
  • has slept through the night twice
  • very smiley girl, especially first thing in the morning after she's stretched!
  • she made her second trip to kentucky where she got to meet her other great grandpa
  • loves stroller rides
  • moved to a new house

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

what would you do?

okay i need to vent about something and i need your all's advice. here's the situation:

so i'm back at work and i'm pumping at work so that i can continue giving E breast milk. no big deal, plenty of people do it. there are even laws in place that protect a woman's right to do this. my job (i should say, my profession, not my actual job) makes it a little difficult in that i can't know if the phone is going to ring for me, or if a patient is going to need counseled, or if a prescription is going to need checked. i just have to go when i need to go and take it as it comes.

first thing--- the place where i pump. the only room in the pharmacy with a door is the bathroom. ummm, no. and this is not me being a diva. the bathroom is our bottle storage area (cramped), there's only one place to sit (toilet), and it's the only bathroom (so me taking it up for 25 minutes isn't feasible). not to mention it's just plain gross. so i go into the back room (there's one girl that works back there) into a little corner and cover myself and pump. a little awkward but not really a big deal.

80% of the time i'm at work i have a second pharmacist with me so this is no problem. they can pick up my slack (which i appreciate so, so much that they do this without question) and i go to my corner and pump.

it's the other 20% of the time when it's a little more difficult. for instance, on saturdays i work with a technician and a cashier. so when i go to the back to pump they're flying solo and and have to come back and ask me questions, or have me check prescriptions, or answer the phones. also no big deal, but to be where i can answer the phones i have to sit in the middle of that back room vs. the corner which offers a little coverage.

so saturday was basically a perfect recipe for the shit storm that ensued. i had just gone back to pump when our driver showed up for the day (the only male who would be in the pharmacy all day). he's a bit of a know it all and does not like taking instruction from others (especially females, especially females that are younger than him, or females that seem aloof). both of the girls up front tell him not to go into the back room that i'm back there and need some privacy. what does he do?? literally walks straight into the back room.

i turn my back to him because i'm not covered yet, and ask did he not hear them tell him to stay out? he just stands there so then i yell at him to GET OUT! he still stands there another beat, then says, "Okaaaaaay." This was not an "oh crap i'm sorry" okay, it was said like okay if i have to. I'm not implying anything, but this is how it was said.

When I finished he was already gone and I haven't been back to work since. So my question is what, if anything, would you do? Confront him? Tell the boss? Do nothing?

I've tried to put it out of my mind but it really just burns me up that because he's such a know it all and thinks he doesn't have to listen to anyone, my privacy got invaded. Am I overreacting?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

everly 1 month

i cannot believe this sweet little girl has been with us for 1 month already (edited to add, almost 2 before i'm actually posting this!). i truly could not have been less prepared for how much she would change my life. everyone says this and i never understood. i knew things in my day to day life would change, and i knew i'd love her but i had not idea how much. enough about me, let's talk about her!

she LOVES bath time. she just smiles when you put her in and cries when you take her out. 
she LOVES to snuggle and being swaddled. i haven't tried to put her to bed at night without swaddling. 
the front porch swing is her favorite place in the world (which stinks because we're moving). anytime she's unconsolable we go out to the porch and rock and it calms her right down. 
she made her first trip to kentucky. 
she got to meet two of her great grandparents and she has put new light in their lives. they've even figured out how to view pictures on their phone so they can see her more!
she loves her uncle matt and is so content when he holds her (most of the time!).
daddy loves her crab outfit the best. 
she's had three "sleepovers" with mimi (mommy got to sleep!). 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Randomness and the Zone Perfect Winner!

And the winner of the Zone Perfect giveaway is...

Sarah from Sweet and Savory by Sarah! Congrats Sarah! Email me your address and I'll get the package in the mail ASAP!

I'm running on about 4 hours of sleep so please forgive me if this post is a little more random than usual. This picture sums up the kind of night we've had:

Everly finally decided to give in and is currently sleeping on my chest in her Solly Baby Wrap (she either loves or hates being in it and right now it's love).

I should probably be sleeping too, but once I'm up for the day it's hard to lay back down. And if I manage to fall asleep I'm grumpier when I wake up than if I'd just stayed awake. So it might just be a PJ day.

In other sad news, my maternity leave is almost over. I actually worked on Saturday to kind of test the waters because Brad was going to be off. It wasn't as horrible as I imagined, but I still missed her so bad it hurt. I'm very grateful that my boss let me cut back to three days a week, and I have two amazing women that will be taking care of E while I'm there, but it still sucks. Why can't we be in two places at once?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

zone perfect blog forward challenge goal check in and GIVEAWAY

It's that time again! Time to check in and evaluate where I am with my 2014 goals. So far I have truly enjoyed this challenge that Zone Perfect has put on. It has really made me check in with my goals continuously rather than making them on January 1st and checking them on December 31st. And this year that would be so much easier to do!

my original post... current updates in purple!
.: fitness :.
  • join the 100 club at pure barre by the end of march. done, so let's update this one. i'd like to reactivate my PB package once i'm cleared by my MD and finish out the year doing at least 2 classes a week. i'd love to do at least 3 a week, but i don't know how realistic that is schedule-wise. 
  • continue to work out at least 5 times a week until the big day. i wasn't great about this one, but too late to change it now. my updated goal is to be active with everly at least 5 times a week. even if it's just a 15 minute walk outside, i want to start early setting that example for her. plus she loves being outside (it usually calms her when she's fussy) so it'll be a win, win. 
  • i don't want to make a bunch of post pregnancy goals as far as this category goes. i've never had a baby before, and i'm not going to pretend i know how i'll feel afterwards. i hope to get my butt back into pure barre for the bounce back after baby program. and i hope to run some races in the fall. but we'll see. i go see my OB tomorrow and she'll hopefully clear me to run. i've felt mostly good postpartum, although i think it's easy to forget what you're body has been through because you don't feel bad, and push it to hard too fast. last week we moved across town and i definitely over did it. carried too much weight, too many times, and got too little sleep. not smart. i'd like my first race back to be the Cherokee Harvest 5K, because it was the last race I did before I found out I was pregnant last year!

.: health :.
  • stay within a healthy weight gain range for me (15-25 pounds). didn't happen, i gained a whopping 40 pounds. thankfully, 20 of that dropped fairly quickly. so now it's time to get rid of the other 20. 
  • join weight watchers after the baby is born. joined last week, went to weigh in and the meeting times have changed and no one was there. fail. i'm going friday. 
  • aim for 100 ounces of water a day. did it, still doing it.
  • keep a healthy snack on me at all times! did it, still doing it.

.:  spiritual :.
  • finish reading the Bible. finished the old testament, now i'm in matthew!
  • join another connect group at church. haven't done it, need to do it, want to do it.
  • begin volunteering at church. still helping at the coffee counter (well i took a few months off with E).
  • find a book about praying for your children and put it to good use. i haven't found a book so if you know of a good one let me know. i've obviously been praying for E like crazy. 

.:  everything else :.
  • date my husband. life gets crazy, we get into routines, not all of them good. i want to make more of an effort to make him feel special and loved. this has been hard, not so much because of Everly, but because of the house sale and move. we're almost settled in our new place and hopefully we'll get back to our normal soon!
  • journal about my pregnancy and then the baby's life at least once a week. i might do it on the blog, i might just type it in a word document, i might just write it down in my planner... but i want to write it down. i've been keeping notes on my phone to put in her monthly updates, which i will share on the blog. 

dear future self,
whatup!?! this is your january self. you know, the all excited, ready to make lots of goals self? so wherever you are in 2014 when you read this, remember how important these goals are to you. you spent a lot of time thinking them through, and they are extremely realistic. so when you want to get lazy and quit, suck it up, buttercup! you've got a lot on your plate now, so balance and prioritizing are going to be the key. you know what's most important, your family and your faith... but you've got to take care of yourself too. you're no good to Brad or Everly if you're worn down and a mess. take care of them, take care of yourself, and let all the silly stuff go. 


the amazing folks at zone perfect have sent me some goodies to pass along to y'all! it's a very fun care package that includes a variety of things... lip gloss, hair ties, hand sanitizer, a pedometer, and a box of zone bars among other things!

enter by leaving me a comment telling me what has been your favorite way to stay active this summer! giveaway closes Monday August 18th at 9pm. winner will be announced next week!