Monday, April 7, 2014

catch up!! 26.5 weeks pregnant

^^25.5 weeks pregnant^^

my symptoms:  i'm experiencing what i'm pretty sure is sciatic nerve pain. it's only on one side and it comes and goes, but i have to be careful putting all my weight on my right leg because when i'm stepping a certain way it literally can just give out because of the pain. and given my current state of imbalance, that's just no good :)

wednesday i woke up with a lovely patch of shingles on my face. that's the third time in two years if you're keeping up. as soon as i'm allowed i'm getting the zostavax, insurance be damned. 

weight:  i haven't weighed myself in almost a month. here's hoping i don't pass out when i see the number at the doctors office today. 

gender:  it's a GIRL!

maternity clothes: all the time minus scrubs, some dresses, and workout clothes. we'll see how long that lasts. 

movement:  she's all over the place. it's so fun and reassuring to feel her throughout the day. 

sleep: i still have back pain if i sleep flat, so i sleep on a slight incline and it seems to help a lot. i've actually been sleeping through the night!

cravings:  sweet tarts

what i miss:  doing unmodified workouts!

appointments:  glucose test today. please pray i pass. 

questions/concerns:  i feel like i've gained too much weight.  

goals for the week:  get outside and walk! the weather has been awesome!

achievements from the past few weeks:  we picked up the crib and got it put together! completed my 100th pure barre class!

Friday, April 4, 2014

let's try this whole blogging thing again...

i go thru phases in my life just like i'm sure everyone else does. the last 3 months (and maybe even a few before that) are what i like to call my "blogging is  chore" phase. i found myself getting stressed by the amount of things i needed to do, so less important things started getting cut. And let's be honest, spending time writing a "running" blog when i'm not really running is just not at the top of the MUST DO list.

i've had plenty of time to mull it over and had to consider some blunt truths. i write this blog for myself (you'd have to be pretty damn narcissistic interesting to write a blog about your life for others) and while it takes up some time, i love the friendships i've formed, the accountability, and being able to look back on how far i've come.

the blog is obviously going to under go some changes in the next few months. there'll be a lot more pregnancy updates/getting ready for baby posts/freaking the eff out posts (you get the picture) and a lot less running posts.

but i think that's one of the beautiful parts of life... change is inevitable. so hang around if you'd like to follow along as i continue to change and go through my phases ;)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

22ish weeks pregnant

my symptoms:  i'm sick to my stomach again. it's not the all day every day sickness, just certain things and smells that seem to bring it on. G2 was on sale last week so i bought 12 bottles to get the best deal. the first bottle went down fine, but now anytime i drink them i get very nauseous. 

yesterday brad had some bourbon before the game (KY thing) and the smell of it made me want to gag. (the way UK played yesterday made me sick too, but i think that's a whole 'nother can of worms!)

weight:  last time i checked i'm up 15 pounds. i've stopped eating whatever i feel like [for the most part] and trying to eat better. not less, just better. more protein, fruits, and veggies. to be honest, this is a bit of a struggle for me. it's hard to just watch my weight go up. 

gender:  hopefully we'll find out on thursday. 

maternity clothes: i've been stealing brad's old t-shirts (he's lost so much weight that his current ones would not be very comfy for me!!). wishing it was socially acceptable to wear sweats and pajamas everywhere. 

movement:  still hanging out down low. maybe i just can't feel the higher movements because of where my placenta is, who knows. moves a lot more at night when i lay down to go to bed, which i'm sure bodes well for my future sleeping plans :)

sleep: this subject makes me grumpy. i've had several weeks of blissful sleep with my leachco pregnancy pillow, but now i'm having these crazy back pains. they're pretty intense and i can't seem to find a way to get comfortable once i have them. last night when they woke me up and ended up propping up 4 pillows and sleeping upright. i hope this isn't here to stay. i can only imagine these type of pains get worse as i get bigger, but DANG. 

cravings:  sushi [and while i know that certain kinds are perfectly acceptable for me to eat, it's not worth it to me to even try again. i did once around 10 weeks and made myself sick with worry after eating it. yes i know i'm crazy]

what i miss:  feeling in control of my body. 

appointments:  second anatomy scan thursday.

questions/concerns:  hopefully they'll have some suggestions to help with the back pain. 

goals for the week:  get the baby's room cleared out next weekend.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

18-20 weeks pregnant

so we were supposed to find out the gender of baby m at week 19... but the little stinker sat breach and indian style pretty much the whole time. good news is that everything else looked great and it was so amazing to see that little face and everything else! we'll have another scan in a few weeks and hopefully the baby will be a little more cooperative!

my symptoms:  i've just felt really full lately. i've also had a weird back pain, but it doesn't seem to last long. 

weight:  i'm up 13 pounds. this scares the bejeezus out of me, but i brought it up with my doctor and she said i'm right on track. i feel like my hips are way more pregnant than my belly, but i think i've mentioned that already.

gender:  hopefully we'll find out in 17 days! 

maternity clothes: maternity clothes, scrubs, sweats, dresses, leggings... they're my faves. 

movement:  i was right about the baby sitting low! now i feel like it's a little higher. i do feel like i feel the baby more. my placenta is in the front of my belly though, so the doc said it might take a little longer for me to feel it.  

sleep: still loving my pregnancy pillow. i'm waking up once a night to head to the bathroom, but i'm getting really good at not totally waking up to do it ;)

cravings:  oatmeal cream pies, milk, toaster strudels, watermelon, strawberries, pineapples, water, water, water. 

what i miss:  diet mountain dew

appointments:  none this week

questions/concerns:  i want to ask my doctor about this back pain. it's only happened twice but dang does it hurt when it happens. 

goals for the week:  pick out nursery furniture

Thursday, February 13, 2014

three things thursday

what have you all been up to? we're hunkering down for the "storm of the century" or something like that. it's really, really beautiful, but DANG. snow really seems to bring out the idiots. i saw 3 people sliding out of control on the way home. and it was 95% stupidity and 5% road conditions. anyways, here's the view from our driveway:

in workout related news, i completed the pure barre challenge! 20 classes in 30 days [actually 31 days because they extended it a few days due to canceled classes].

this weekend i drove to KY and got to visit lots of my favorites! brad had to work so i took off. it was so great to see everyone but i wish brad could've come with. driving that long by yourself is no fun! here's a picture my dad took while i was home. mom posted it to Facebook and said she was rocking her two babies ;)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

what i'm loving wednesday:::: alex and ani bracelets

i cannot tell y'all how much i love these bangles that alex and ani make! i originally saw these when dorothy at mile posts shared them and i seriously fell in love. i love the idea of charm bracelets, but i don't like the traditional ones and brad hooked me up for valentines day last year and got me the B, C,  a dog paw (that also has the NYC skyline in the paw), and a black beaded one.

then after my full he got me this one:

i love how they look when you layer them! i think it's fair to say that i'm obsessed now. i gave some as Christmas gifts and they were a big hit!

you should definitely check them out! they do specials and put new bangles out all the time!

i really want a feather one next (just like cecilia at mommies run!):

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

17 weeks pregnant...

late again! posting this the day before i'll be 18 weeks. hopefully the baby will not take after it's mommy and be late ;)

my symptoms:  this has been a great week for me, nothing too noticeable!

weight:  i don't really want to talk about it this week ;)

gender:  hopefully we'll find out on february 5th.

maternity clothes: still in a mixture of regular and maternity clothes. i'm in maternity clothes in my picture. they're so comfy!

movement:  i didn't feel a lot this week. i have had a lot of pressure in my lower abdomen this week so that's where i feel like the baby is. but that could be all in my head. 

sleep:  i finally broke down and ordered a pregnancy pillow, and i swear it might be the best $65 i've ever spent. i can't sleep through the night, but i feel supported and my body doesn't ache when i wake up. 

cravings:  grilled cheese, watermelon, sweet tarts

what i miss:  nothing yet. 

appointments:  none this week

questions/concerns:  none this week

goals for the week:  workout 5 days